The products of Liang Lih Machine Co. is with a diversified and multifunctional product portfolio, that can help users fine the solutions.

The product is suitable for Metal materials, Wood materials, Glass materials, Plastic materials and other materials processing. Widely used in Electronic product, Medical product, Automobile product, Machinery product, Glasses product, Watch products Furniture product, Kitchenware product, hardware product and other field.

1. For low accuracy general drilling and tapping requirement, standard drilling and tapping machine can be used. The machine widely use in factory, farm, repair workshop, and school education, also the machine plus the mixing tool can be used as a Mixer.

2. For hard material and big hole drilling and tapping job, heavy duty drilling and taping machine can be used . the machine can also to use a cross slide table to do a simple manual milling, slotting job.

3. If user needs automatic, high precision, more accurate depth control or blind hole processing, high quality pneumatic or hydraulic automatic drilling machine can be used. Set processing requirement once and automatically repeat processing to ensure accuracy, in addition to precision drilling, it is also suitable for hole boring, reaming, horning and deep hole peck feed drilling processing. The machine can also be equipped with an automatic feeding equipment to automatically mass production

4. If users need high-precision thread processing and the thread quality need to pass gauge inspection, Pitch control auto tapping machine can be used, and the machine also suitable for small parts such as glasses, watch or soft material..etc. tapping, it can avoid thread damage.

5. Because the rapid development of technological products, the requirements for quality are getting higher and higher but the experienced traditional machine operators are harder and harder to find, so the multifunction and high-precision with humanized processing machine become an important processing equipment in today’s factories. NC and CNC machine is the most practical advanced equipment used by many factories.

• NC Drilling and Tapping Machine

Numerical control, automatic processed through programming Instructions, high-quality, high-efficiency performance, eliminate operator error, keep the working environment clean, the machines more suitable for industries that require high-quality, high-precision and clean working environment, such as aerospace industry, automotive industry, precision instrument industry, electric industry, medical equipment industry, glasses and watch industry etc. so NC drilling and tapping machine has become a trend gradually replacing traditional drilling and tapping machines.

• CNC Drilling –Milling – Tapping Machine

The machines are controlled by computers, they are most flexible and more accurate and effective than NC machine. Many industries will use processed parts, these parts may have been processed separately by different machines such as milling machine, drilling machine, tapping machine, boring machine etc., CNC Drilling – Milling – Tapping Machine can help user complete all the processing of milling, boring, drilling, tapping, slotting etc. at one time. Through the computer machine will execute the cutting work of the parts according to the program written by the engineer, when a processing procedure is completed, the machine will automatically receive the next work step, the machine will operate accurately, user don’t need to worry about quality and accuracy at all. The machine is specially suitable for the production of products that require a variety of processing procedures.

6. If the product needs to be mass produced but must go through multiple processing step to complete, it can use automation unit such as self-feed drilling unit, tapping unit, spindle unit, slide table unit, Index table unit etc. according to the need of customer product processing procedures, design and assemble special purpose machine to automatically complete product processing needs.

7. If there are more than 2 holes on the workpiece that need to be processed, it can use multi-spindle unit to complete processing at one time, the multi-spindle unit divided into adjustable spindle unit and fixed spindle unit 2 types, adjustable spindle unit, spindle number can reach 2-14 spindles, spindle can be adjusted to complete processing 2-14 holes in one time, fixed spindle unit, the spindle can not be adjusted but spindle number can reach 2- 30 spindles or more. The multi-spindle unit can be installed on all kind drilling and tapping machine and widely use in workpiece with many holes need to complete processing work in one time.